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Our History

Serving The Burg since 2010

In 1911, Union Station depot was built on the south side of The Wetsel Seed Building in Harrisonburg, serving the B&O Railroad line. The depot provided passenger service on the B&O to the residents of Harrisonburg for thirty years, until November 1, 1941, and was also a popular location for picnics and people-watching. The Chesapeake and Western Railroad Company eventually purchased the track from B&O and continued to use the line for moving freight back and forth across Virginia.

On May 19, 1944, The Wetsel Seed Company bought Union Station and the property that it resided on for $20,000. The Wetsels looked at the property as an opportunity to expand their business by turning the empty land into a parking lot. The beautiful brick depot was demolished some time in the 1950s. Word has it that many of the bricks used to build the station were used to build Wildwood Park located in Bridgewater.

In 1991 the land that the Wetsels had purchased succumbed to eminent domain and became a part of the new Harrisonburg Judicial Complex.

A few words about us

When we purchased the Wetsel Seed Building on September 9, 2008, our goal was to preserve the history of the building and incorporate local historical architecture from around the city of Harrisonburg. Each booth in our restaurant represents a building that once stood or still stands in the downtown Harrisonburg area. Photographs and literature written by Nancy Bondurant Jones and Dale MacAllister accompany each of these booths. For some of our guests, these photographs and stories will bring back great memories, while for others, the pieces of Harrisonburg history displayed around the restaurant will transport them to a time gone by.

At Union Station we take pride in providing quality food and gracious hospitality. Throughout your visit you will meet many members of our staff working together to provide an enjoyable dining experience. As a small business, we appreciate any feedback you can provide. Our goal is to continue growing and improving.

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About the Menu

Our menu offers new versions of old family favorites recreated to fit modern taste, presentation, and of course, budget.  Our goal was to create a simple and delicious menu that is accessible to everyone.

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